Midjourney to stype

Using just one short Prompt creates a beautiful image in Midjourney’s default style, but we can also add a variety of commands with the Prompt that refer to phrases such as artistic expressions, historical moments, and more. locations and more to get images that best suit your needs.

1. Various painting techniques

Ex. /Imagine prompt <……?…..> style Thai Buddhis

<block print>

folk art

<folk art>











Pencil Sketch

<Pencil Sketch>



Pixel Art

<Pixel Art>

Blacklight Painting

<Blacklight Painting>

Cross Stitch

<Cross Stitch>

2. Get Speciflc Helps create unique images and the feeling of the image.

Ex. /Imagine prompt <……?…..> sketch of a cat

Cat Life Drawing

<Life Drawing>

Continuous Line

<Continuous Line>

Loose Gestural

<Loose Gestural>

Blind Contour

<Blind Contour>

Value Study

<Value Study>

Charcoal Sketch

<Charcoal Sketch>

3. Emote Use emotional words to create a character’s personality.

Ex. /Imagine prompt <……?…..> cat





Cat Sleepy


Cat Angry


Cat Shy


Cat Embarassed


4. Get Colorful Use words to express emotions related to colors. To create a personality for the character

Ex. /Imagine prompt <……?…..> colored cat

Millennial Pink cat

<Millennial Pink>

Acid Green Cat

<Acid Green>

Desaturated Cat


Canary Yellow Cat

<Canary Yellow>

Peach Cat


Two Toned Cat

<Two Toned>

Pastel Cat


Mauve Cat


Ebony Cat


5. Enviromental Exploration Different environments can set different moods.

Ex. /Imagine prompt <……?…..> cat

Tundra Cat


Salt Flat Cat

<Salt Flat>

Jungle Cat


Desert Cat


Mountain Cat


Cloud Forest Cat

<Cloud Forest>


Here are some other Web Prompt AI You can learn more